Flight plan stuck every time

Apple ipad Pro

Every time when i fly the 777-300 on my ipad pro from los angeles - london Then suddenly my flight plan stops. At point YPH near airport CYPH my flight plan changes and my flight plan starts over at that point. This happens only on this flight, from los angeles - london at that point. It happens on infinite flight itself but also on all live flight trackers of infinite flight.

I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to explain, do you have any further images in flight itself that could further show the issue that you’re trying to explain?

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the problem is that my flight plan is resetting while i am flying at that waypoint every time. then it will show that i started flying from that waypoint…


Are you pressing with the ‘ACT. LEG’ button at any point?

If not, it sounds like a waypoint in your flight plan was too hard for A/P to hit and so the aircraft went around to try again… and again… This can be an issue if there are any particularly sharp turns. Is this the case?


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Just to clear things up here, are you talking about your flight plan (the series of waypoints you intend to follow) or your the path your aircraft has actually taken?

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my flight plan

Did you by any chance set both YPH and CYPH as waypoints? They are so close together that if you set them both, and in an awkward order, it could form an impossibly tight turn that could mess up the leg activation sequence.

This is just a guess though, because in general this functionality works very consistently with surprises not really occurring much.

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