Flight plan struggle

I still struggle to create flight plans utilizing SIDS and STARS sometimes. For the most part, from watching videos on YouTube, I believe I understand it and it’s just a learning curve. My question is why do some airports not have a departure option to begin the flight plan? My home airport, KCRP, does not give me the option to start a departure procedure.

Hi Jacob,

Unfortunately, some airports may not have published procedures to choose from in game/ for example, KORD uses vectoring IRL and not SIDs, so there are no procedures to choose from in the simulator.

That’s why it is greyed out.


I figured it had something to do with it being a class charlie airport.

Newark is another example I guess. Also,

this isn’t the case as @Drummer said it’s what it is like IRL as IF takes real life navigation data from NavBlue.

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