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I don’t know if this fits in Live or RWA, but I assume live.

I am planning to fly the London City- New York flight on the A318 tomorrow, and was wondering how I make the flight plan.

Do I make the flight plan fully at LCY, LCY-JFK, or do I make it LCY-Shannon, then once in Shannon, do I continue to add the flight plan to JFK? I am not a perfect IF pilot, of course nobody is, but there are plenty better than me that should know this.

Please note, it is very late where I live and will likely not reply until morning.

I would make the KJFK-EINN FPL first, then once you land in EINN, change it to the EINN-EGLC route. Alternatively, you could just take the first leg’s FPL and manually add the second leg’s FPL.

They are flying the opposite way around:)

And I would make one flight plan per leg, because if you make one for both legs, it will mess up your ETE to destination and distance to destination, making you a bit confused.

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Just like in real life, treat it as two separate legs, especially as at Shannon you will need to top up your tanks for the Atlantic leg, whilst the first keg you only need part tanks for the short keg but also so you can safely take off from London City.

If you don’t already, suggest that you use fpltoif.com for your flight planning. Not only for the waypoints, but flight levels and fuel for each leg. Remember to set passengers to max 32!


Thank you everyone for the great advice.

I figured that

Yep. I started that recently.


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