Flight Plan Sharing Error

I am trying to export a flight plan to some other people, and I keep getting this error. I followed again the exact steps on Sharing Replays and Flight Plans, but even after doing that, it still will not share. I have plenty of space left in my device, so I’m a little confused to why this is happening.

Hi Zac!

Sorry your having some issues. How log was the flight that you are trying to share?

Like ✨17,000✨ miles 👀😬😂

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Ouch! How much current storage do you have on ur device?

80GBs left

How much does it say the file is reading if it does?

If not try clearing up some storage to download the file.

It doesn’t say anything about that.

@Z-Tube ur the apple guy

Ok simple try and clear up some space on your device. To download an entire flight is quite alot for your device especially a long one such as yours. Also make sure your downloading to the device not iCloud.

I was pinged.

Are you trying to save the .fpl file to iCloud Drive?

Basically, yep.

Just using the share button with 80 available GBs and it won’t go.

I never get to the share page tho. It just goes straight to the the error

Do you have 80GB of device storage or iCould storage remaining?

Device storage. I’m on the 2TB iCloud plan

Weird have you attempted this with a different replay and get the same result?

Nope. That works

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