Flight plan set altitudes and airbus flaps

First post, I have been playing IF online for a while and I am beginning to do plenty of US domestic routes, however I need 2 things answered really quick: How do I set altitudes in the flight planning stage and what degree are airbus flaps? If anyone answers, thanks!

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It depends on what aircraft your referring too

And for altitudes for VNAV or cruising altitude?

Hello! Welcome to the IFC mate! The takeoff flaps all depends on the aircraft, And to set altitudes for waypoints, go to the map and at the bottom right hand corner you will a square that has the word MAP in it. If you click it, it will bring you to your flight plan and whatever waypoint you want to have an Altitude set just click the waypoint and at the bottom you will see set alt. Hope I helped!

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I’m mostly asking about the a320 family and the a350, thanks!

If you look inside of the A320 and A350’s cockpit there’s a flap limit sign



Thanks for that, will keep that in mind!

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