Flight plan search

Can I search and find a flight by its duration it’ll be so useful for me

There are plenty of resources out there. For my purposes, FPLtoIF.com does the job nicely :)

For more information and resources, please view the topic linked below.

Does FPLtoIF make a route by its duration like without the destination airport?

Hmmm…I don’t think so, but I’m slightly confused as to your inquiry. Mind elaborating a tad for me?

I think he means, 'Will I get a plain route with only fixes and excluding the actual airport in the route. If you get what I mean

Uhm Basically I’ll be sleeping for like 8-9 hours and I want to fly a flight but idk any routes in that duration so I wanted a route finder kinda thing

Ah, yes. The website I linked above has a route finder based on airport, aircraft, flight time, etc.

amazing, i’ll check it out too!

Will it do the job from just the departure and flight time

What do you mean?

Yup! Link below.

Also Destination airport etc. I suppose

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