Flight plan problem

I am using simbrief to create a flight plan. I download the .kml file then go to the if-flightplan-tools.vercel.app website (this is not an advertisement). Converting the .kml file to .fpl tick the box to include heights in the .fpl file. I download, I go into the game, I click in fpl to load the flight plan, I go to where I downloaded the flight plan to the download folder and I can’t even click on it.
And the one that is white, I can click on it, but it does not appear in the game.

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Wait a second, I am gonna try to recreate the issue

Okay so for me it works. What I did: Go on simBrief, create a flight plan. Scroll down and choose Google Earth KML as the file type. Go on the website you mentioned, upload the file. It then automatically downloads the flight plan file in the .fpl format. Then, I went into the sim, spawned in somewhere and opened the flight plan view on the map. There I clicked on the button with the 2 arrows in opposite directions and chose the file. Did you do the exact same steps?

Do you allow IF to access your files?

Or what you can do which is very easy is copy and paste the FPL and works perfectly fine, maybe I misunderstood the issue but this is what I do with Simbrief

The problem with that is, that simBrief’s waypoints aren’t always in the same format. This can result in way less waypoints pasted into IF than in the actual flight plan. Going the way via KML fixes that

OK I understand
Then sorry but I can’t help you anymore 😢😬

Yes, I allowed access to files. I do everything the same way as you do, but I can’t even click on the flight plan file in the downloads where it is saved on the phone. I tried to create it again, but didn’t check the box to include altitude into the flight plan, I still can’t load it.

Is it possible that infinite flight does not see the flight plan because it was created using the Airac version 2003 and not the newest 2112?

Another option is that you can go to fpltoif.com and using the xpl file (I think) get all the waypoints there

I mostly use fpltoif. It’s just that if you load a flight plan into the game with a file, then it is loaded along with the altitudes, and you don’t need to enter them yourself, which saves a lot of time.

That won’t make a difference. Is there a way for you to check what file type the flight plan file is? Not the name being flightplan.fpl. Someone else had this issue a few days ago where the operating system was adding .xml to the end, changing the file type so IF doesn’t recognise it.

That is, does my android operating system change the file format by itself? When I download the converted file

Correction, the browser does it. Which browser are you using? Can you try a different one to see if it works.

Looking at it closer. You need to open the flightplan from inside the infinite flight app using the import flightplan option located on the flightplan+map page.

I use Chrome

I do this, open the map, and on the side, where the flight plan is, I click on 2 arrows and click to load the flight plan, then I go where I have all the flight plans and I cannot select which one

Ok, and did you check what filetype the file explorer app is saying it is? fpl or xml?

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