Flight plan patterns

After @SkyHigh posted a great tutorial on how to sketch shapes into your flight plan (Sketch any Shapes/Texts on the globe and insert it to Infinite Flight) I thought it would be great to share your creations and access them easily. So if you have a flight plan you want to share post a comment with your full flight plan so you can copy and paste into IF and then add a picture. This post is strictly sharing your flight plans for easy access to them.


I don’t think this belongs in features unless you want it in the sim…
Although I think it would be handy to find them.

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Whoops, I thought it was in general, thanks!

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He’s requesting that you share your creations in this topic.

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This is just for the community to see, not a feature in the game.

Misunderstood. Thanks, sorry.


So you want a separate topic to do what’s happening in that topic? 🤦‍♂️

No that is about how to do it, and instead of posting the plans there, you could put it in a hopefully less cluttered, easier to get space.

How is this post any more organized to place them in then the actual tutorial? You know what I see this as? You seeing so many people positively reacting to something that you want a little attention too.


I agree It isn’t working as well as I hoped it would because of posts like your posting- If you feel so pationate that this is a terrible topic just report it.

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