Flight plan not loading

I have been using FPL to IF to make flight plans for a few months now and every once and awhile I encounter this issue where I put all the information in and it says it is loading but then nothing every shows up. It is not a matter of my internet connection and I wouldn’t not make a post o this was only a one time occurrence, has anyone else experienced a situation like thus and know how to fix it?

Hello, fpltoif.com is currently down at the moment for everyone.


thank you, is there a way I can track it, to see when it is back up?

I don’t think they’ll announce it. Just give it a few hours and they should be able to locate the issue. If it’s a long term issue they’ll probably make an announcement.

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I have been using flight plan database since fpltoif went down…gets the route fine most of the time!

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You can also try using simbrief and manually add the missing waypoints

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It’s down? I have no problem.

It must of been fixed then. People were reporting this issue a few hours ago. :)

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