Flight Plan not filed

hello All,Support Team:

20.1 is finally here and it’s great! I love it and i’m having so much fun!

I’m just having a small minor issue when i click on a persons name to see their FPL it often comes up with ‘flight plan not filed’ its a small issue and was wondering if you guys were aware of it and if anyone else is getting this issue!


That means that the aircraft has not filed a FPL. It is completely normal. They just did not plot any waypoints, VORs, or airports on their map.

nope it is a issue because everyone i click on it says FPL not filed.

It’s quite laggy now It should be back to normal soon. I’ve had a similar issue it just take time for it to load in.

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Ok, then this is probably due to the overloaded server. Please be patient while the servers are restarted.

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