Flight Plan Modifying Mid Flight

Hi fellow IFC members , anyone here have tried changing their flight plan mid flight for the arrival runway due to wind changes and after you typed in your waypoint in the search bar and click ok there seemed to be a second line which spans from my departure airport to my current position any idea what i am doig wrong here? Thanks!


Nothing you’re doing wrong, when you re-type your flight plan, it resets the whole thing, so you’re practically setting a waypoint back to your starting airport, the exact same as you would from the gate. 🙂

So as long as you activate the current waypoint leg you’re on at the time your flight will be all back to normal.

Hope this helps!

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So it means if i want to modify my flight plan for my arrival runway i have to delete the previous waypoints that i have flown past and only key in the ones where i am currently at and all the way to my destination airport?

What I do is just select the old runway waypoints, delete them, add the new ones, and then use the arrows to put them in proper order


That’s exactly what I do as well and means you don’t have to delete all previous waypoints or waypoints between yourself and the new arrival, but just the old arrival.

I see. But then because sometimes finding a waypoint for a large major airport is hard as there’s literally hundreds of waypoint scattered together so i though typing makes it faster

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You can search for each waypoint and add it by pressing on it and then on the ‘plus’, so you don’t have to search on the map. This is something I do whenever I can’t find a waypoint. Just don’t type the waypoints all together as I think this leads to the issue you described above.

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Okay I’ll try that

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That’s also what I do. Accept I have never needed to use the arrows.
All I do is delete all the waypoints starting with the end and working back as far as I want to edit. Then just search, and add, individual waypoints.

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Only reason I need to use the arrows is because I keep the final airport waypoint so i need to put the new waypoints before that :)

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Ah, I see.

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