Flight plan/map icon questions

Pretty new to the community, I’ve tried to read as much as I can, as well as watch as many tutorials. Had a few questions I was hoping someone with a bit more experience may be able to help with. I have noticed a light blue slightly curved icon displayed at various distances in front of the aircraft when utilizing the map view, but don’t know it’s purpose. During a recent flight, I also had a waypoint on my flight plan change to a golden/brown color for an unknown reason. Also on a second flight while on final, I noticed the magenta bars next to my speed were elevated. Does that mean I was too fast for my optimum approach speed? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Screenshots included. Sorry if I missed this previously answered in the search function. Thanks.


That little blue “banana” on your map is the point at which you will reach your set altitude. The magenta bar is the rate of change in your altitude. :)


Awesome! Thanks for the assist.

MaxSez: Good question @Jb431… Where is that “Chart Symbol Legion” that normally accompanies all aeronautical chart?

@Pingu… Good answer but incomplete. Icons and color codes needs a clarification. If not you who?



No, it wasn’t referring to the symbols on the chart. I was inquiring about the coloring of the game HUD elements mainly. Although I was unsure why BUHNR turned gold/brown unlike the other waypoints. Apologies if I was unclear.

The waypoints, by default are blue. They turn magenta if they’re part of your flight plan.

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@Jb431… Noted. Yr Communication was perfectly clear.

The need for a Chart Color/Symbol Legion is obvious. Yr question would have been Unnecessary had one been published. One must extrapolate and not mid-judge.

LOL… Max

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Hey @Jb431! That “curve” is known as a banana. It shows at what point you will reach the altitude set.

I must admit it’s not 100% what you’re looking for, but the User Guide has all the information (not necessarily in one place from what found having a quickly look), so that’s definitely something which probably would be a nice idea to habe all the information in one place.


@Jb431: Very warm welcome to the community! Please have a in-depth look at the User Guide I linked below as it has most of the answers you’re looking for and also please take a look at the topics at the top of #meta:forum-guide to make yourself familiar with the community, thank you!

Thank you for the link, however I could not find the answer. What I was inquiring about may have been obscured in my attempt to highlight the area in question on my screenshots. I filed the pictured flight plan prior to departure, and as I passed each waypoint, they would revert back to their white color instead of magenta since they were no longer active (on the plan, not the map). I had already passed the waypoint BUHNR as well, but it remained a golden color. I was unsure of the significance of this, since the others turn white once they have been cleared.

The golden one is always the one you selected (so if you would have said ”ACT LEG“ now, the leg to BUHNR would have activated).

So if you would select KARFO by clicking on it, it would be golden and so on.

Please let me know if I shall explain further or if you have any other question, thanks!

Also it’s recommended to select the arrival airport after the last approach waypoint as it enables you to communicate better with ATC (if there is ATC).

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@JulianB… MaxSez: If the answer to the members question cannot be found in one place it begs the question why not!

The need for a ‘Chart Legend” Tutorial is obvious.
If I had the standings, data and access to staff to obtain it I’d post a “Chart Legend” Tutorial explaining; Color Codes, Data Block Symbology etc.

It appears an excellent “Regulars” project. What say you?

Max Sends


I’ll see if I can get started on it. :)


@Pingu… MaxSez: “Who Lov’s ya Baby”! Good Show, BZ, have a Hoist;



Warm Regards, Max

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Alright, time for me to get started! It should be up in a day or two. :)


I must say that I do absolutely agree. Thank you @Pingu!


Thank you for clarifying.

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No worries, glad I could help!

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