Flight Plan Leg Color Coding

Hello everyone… Currently I’m not subscribed to PRO. when I do a flight and arriving at destination airport, I think the landing will fail. So I reset from ‘20 sec ago’ option and the flight plan changed its color to white. Screenshot_2018-01-02-13-22-24 So… What’s mean? Thanks… (Sorry for my bad English…)

The path in white has still not been flown/ has been flown over.
The path in pink is the path which is currently being flown over.
After completing the path in pink, it usually turns white.


If you want to reset it to pink use go to your flight plan menu click on the leg and press act leg.

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This is normal on solo mode, as Matthew provided, “act leg” on the specific waypoint will fix your APPR, or NAV on Auto Pilot to the corrected waypoint (you want)

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Check these out, they will help you better understand Flightplanning in general…

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Purple: Current track/sector
White: Sector already flown or yet to be flown.

To get more info during flight you can go to the page icon(on the bottom left of your screen beside the atc or replay button) > map opens > swipe the map button(bottom right above the interface bar) up or downwards to see the legs, distance remaining and time remaining.

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When he replays, the system assumes that you have already flown that specific sector of your FPL.

Ya so a simple fix would either quickly switch the current leg that’s being used, or fly without a flight plan

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