Flight plan issues

Can someone please help me? Whenever I want to do a flight plan with the new flight procedure, it always connects to the airport code and it isn’t connecting to the flight plan. And why is there a massive line heading towards my destination airport?
This is only in solo so I can get a bit of practice.

On the lower right hand corner, change the map to “MAP+FPL” or simply “FPL”. Send a picture of what that looks like for you.

With just looking at it, it seems to be a small mixup in how you developed the flight plan but I just want to check to make sure I’m giving you the right information :)

exactly what i was going to say :- )

Does this help?

It looks like you didn’t add the SID first, then the waypoints to the beginning of the STAR and then the Final approach.

If you want to get to know these new procedures, please have a look at the new user guide linked below:

I don’t know what topic it comes under but on my flight plan I put in certain altitudes for departure and it don’t stick to them can someone help I just took off from Barcelona heading to Manchester so I got to still land but it doesn’t stick to the precise altitudes that you put in on your departure

If you are attempting to use VNAV for climbs (SIDs inc.), it will not work as it is only programmed for descends now. For now, you will need to manaully set the different altitudes in the autopilot to comply for SID altitude restrictions.

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OK thank you for letting me know

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