Flight plan is Turning the Wrong Way

Is anyone else having and issue where the autopilot is turning the opposite way then making a sharp turn the way it’s suppose to?

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@CaptSauceBoss Can you provide a screenshot of the flight plan?

It’s pretty much any flight plan Is make

I encounter this during crosswinds, it is normal due to how the NAV mode works in-game.

It happens to me all the time, regardless of winds. I notice it mostly in the CRJ family. They make a small bank to the opposite side, then a sharp turn even if it’s a tiny change in heading.

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Ive had this happen a lot. The plane makes a small bank in the opposite direction before correcting itself and following the flight plan. Very annoying.


Can you please send through a screen recording of what is happening?

I feel your problem… NAV can definetely be annoying with those sharp turns…

I would be very concerned if VNAV was commanding turns in my aircraft ;)

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oh sorry lol meant nav😅

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Only happens to me when I have a waypoint active which I already passed

Activate the correct leg

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The NAV mode will always turn your plane to line up with the active leg. That means if you’re not on the magenta line, it will turn to be on the magenta line. The heading listed in your flightplan is the heading you need to go in order to pass the next waypoint.

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Another possibility is that it is closer to turn left (for example) to get to your track than to turn right. You might think it’s right, but the computer knows that it is smarter than you and it is closer to turn left.

This has happened to me a few times when I takeoff. After I climb manually to a height and I enable NAV, it will redirect me to the airport and do the whole flight plan instead of going to the nearest waypoint in the flight plan. I don’t know if this is what you mean but I hope I maybe helped!

Moved this to general, as it’s not an issue with the app.

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