Flight Plan Help Please

friends, I am creating my own plane route and I am flying, but the information says there is no plan, I make my route properly, approach etc. When I look at the information of other planes, I do not have it, but can you help me please

This is a replay and I do not believe you can see your route in replay mode. Might be wrong but do not believe so.


really, but the flights of others still appear again.

so, is there a way to see my own flight path in the game, because it doesn’t show when I click on my own plane?

That I am not sure, would have to ask someone who is more versed in how the system works.

I just checked a few replays of mine and it seems like you can’t see any filed flight plans in replay mode, doesn’t matter if it’s your own or the flightplan from another user.
But if you have filed a flightplan on a liver server, everyone else can see it if they click on your icon on the map.
Hope that answers your question 👍

got it, thanks guys, thank you so much

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