Flight plan glitch

Hello everyone, for the past few days I have been doing flights and when I insert my flight plan it glitches out and it’s very frustrating if someone could help me out here that would be greatly appreciated I’ve also attached an image KSEA to PANC

What it looks like is that you have a fix or two that are far away on the other side of the globe, identifying and deleting them should fix the problem.


Happens to me all the time, just delete the ones that have thousands of NM between and it should solve the problem, like @Variable said.

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Also what you can do is look for the glitchy waypoints and most of the time there are several across the globe, so the FPL had to make a choice, and it isn’t always the correct one.

Once you look for the waypoint with the search tool, look if one of the options available fits well with your FPL.

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@Variable @BP-Aviation @Mathurin_Garcier Thanks guys for the help I just did the things yous all said and it worked so thanks