Flight Plan Glitch

I flew an Aeromexico 777-200 from MMMX to MMUN today. While planning the route, I tapped ‘I12R 2’ on the MMUN approach procedure. I then pressed ‘Vectors to final’. However, I saw the flight distance change from ~600nm to 5900. I checked the purple line (the route) and saw that it had made a complete circle around the earth. As a matter of fact, it has happened more than three times before. Can any of you acknowledge and fix this? It isn’t serious, but makes flight planning a nuisance. (I ended up deleting and reloading it.)


Hey! Sometimes there are other fixes or waypoints around the world with the same name so instead of going to the one it is supposed to it goes to the other waypoint in the world. I’ll forward this to the right people. Thanks for the report. :)

Yes. I know. But after checking the flight plan in the map, it still read I12R2 MMUN. That’s weird.

So I don’t think it was another waypoint…

Yeah so it’ll still come up as the procedure you selected but it’s a mishap in the procedure since there seems to be another waypoint with the name in the procedure you selected. So it’ll still come up as a valid procedure in your flight planning but won’t be an accurate representation of what that procedure actually is.

That’s strange, I just spawned into MMUN and it didn’t look like a duplicate waypoint to me. I assume you were on the VOMA1A or any of the other STAR, which didn’t seem to have any misplaced waypoints… is that correct? Do you remember which STAR you were on? It might have not been an issue with the approach or arrival, but rather a bug in the NAV database as more of a one-time thing. Can you confirm the STAR you had? Do you have any screenshots or videos that you could share to better understand what you mean by “around the world”? Thanks. 👍

No. It’s a glitch. It happened to me once at EGLL, but later it didn’t have this problem. It’s occasional.

Yes. It’s a one time thing. Always happens…

Interesting, do you try restarting your device between flights?

Not really. I just delete my flight plan, and the glitch disappears (for now.) But it comes again some time later.

I see, next time this happens, could you message me some pictures? Maybe by seeing what exactly happened, we can understand the problem better. 😊

Will do. However, it only happens when I press vector to final.

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