Flight plan formats to make more realistic, looking for ideas

Do you guys have cool charts I can fill out to prepare and make my flight more realistic. I found one on the forum already but looking for more.

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not on topic

I think he is asking airport charts not a charter flight.


depend what charts he whants

I am asking for charts similar to this someone else posted on forum not mine

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Where did you find those

thanks captain John for this

looking for more anyone have things similar

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looking for more

Oh that’s a flight plan document not a chart. When you say chart people will think about this.

So you are asking for a flight plan format then?

You‘ve realized that there is a drive document with over 100 Arlines and a genric Version?

well aware looking for more cool ideas or files similar to this

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I think you can use airport approach/departure and ground charts which will boost the realism and you might have more fun while flying.

You can also check particular airplane manuals. Most manufacturers have them in pdf format in their webpages, if not you can also find them on web for free where you can get technical info about airplane you use like maximum landing weight, max take off weight etc.

I use Garmin pilot and safe taxi for that

I just love the idea that John made I am hoping others have things simalar of others have things to contribute or just ideas

to make my flights realistic I listen to the real air traffic control on live ATC while flying over that place

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The REAL Zesties look here:

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