Flight Plan Failure in Closed Loops

Occasionally I like to fly scenic loops that take off and return to the same airport. In my most recent attempt, a flight from MM20 around volcanoes in central Mexico and returning to MM20, my flight plan showed up on the map but there were no calculations of distances or times. in addition AP would not follow the flight plan. This was a flight of over 300 nm, so not really a “stay in the pattern”. In August of 2019 a similar closed loop had no such problems. After changing the destination to a different airport everything in the recent flight plan worked fine. But if I want to return to the same airport (without landing somewhere else) is there a way to fix this?

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Hey! Did you try activating the flight plan legs manually?

Thanks, @CaptainSooraj. I am not sure how to do that, so the answer is no. Do you activate them manually by clicking on them in the flight plan edit menu?

To get the descend points in your fpl. You have to manually put them in

Thanks, @MJP_27. All of my flight plan waypoints are entered manually. I set up a flight plan in a text editor and then import them into IF. This always works fine unless the departure and arrival airports are the same. I think you can try this yourself. Start at any airport, add a waypoint or two and then return to same airport.

Ok. I don’t get what you mean by flight plan failure in closed loops 🤔

Here is another thing I have tried. I enter a closed loop flight plan but an additional (different) airport after the loop is closed. No times or distances are show for the loop, but they are shown for the additional airport.

Hi @MJP_27. I mean that the flight plan does not show distances or times between airports, and AP does not follow the flight plan. Every turn must be made manually.

You just click the leg so it turns orange and say “Act. Leg” (activate leg) so it turns pink.
Like the two screenshots below.
Also make sure your autopilot is set to follow GPS and not NAV1 or NAV2.

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Thank you, @CaptainSooraj. That works! If I activate the first leg then all the distances and times appear in the menu. Great! Thanks for your help.

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Ok. I’d use the example that @CaptainSooraj provided below

Thanks, @MJP_27. My problem is solved.

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Glad the issue has been solved. Thanks for the help everyone.

Have a great day and stay safe!