Flight plan display on the A359

Hi y’all, I have an issue with the flight plan display on the A359. The issue is that the flight plan does not display beyond a specific waypoint for a while. This issue has happened twice in the exact same way. What is also weird is that the flight plan seems to reappear later on.

Note how the line stops at a waypoint

Closer look

However at some point the flight plan seems to reappear

Note how the line reappears and proceeds to pass waypoint NASHO, a continuous line begins forming.

I would be very grateful if anyone has an explanation or fix for this since it’s quite bothersome when doing step descents when nearing my destination, thanks.

You deleted your first topic on this is the #support category. Why would you copy and paste it into #general.

Could you please move your topic back to your original support topic.

This topic doesn’t fit the #support criteria and it isn’t a technical issue. @Alphadog4646 @Alex_L

I’m guessing this is how it is meant to be based on the fact that you can also see it in a post Laura shared:

However I may be totally wrong and this is probably a small error with the displays. I have tried to find images of real life a350’s to see if this occurs in real but I can’t find any.

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This is a known issue and will be addressed in a future release.