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20.2 (468)


IOS 14.1


I can not build my flight plan…no waypoints unless I use procedures

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I can’t build a flight plan from scratch

So you can’t see an waypoints? Or you can but you can’t add them? More detailed description and a video would be helpful.

I see no waypoints at all, however when I use a SID they are added but no other waypoints are shown so I can build my flight manually but when I use a SID or STAR the waypoints are there

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Can you show us some screen shots?

You may have fixes hidden or zoomed out too much?

Hmmm let me try something on my settings…stand by

Problem solved…it was my settings…I removed those settings when I’m ATC but I suppose I have to add them when flying 🤦🏾‍♂️😂✔️