Flight plan bug

Hi- I am currently en route over the Atlantic to Rome from Pinal Airpark.

A few hours ago when I checked my flight and went to see flight plans of the aircraft around me I was able to see their flight plan and destination. But now, checking in again I can no longer see anyone’s flight plan for some reason. Is there any reason behind this? I can see their flight plans perfectly fine on LiveFlight.

If anyone wants to see, I’m currently just west of Ireland and have just exited Atlantic track Z. Callsign A-350.

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Yes same I got this problem, yesterday my whole flight unfortunately hopefully it gets sorted in the next update!

Same here and the UI is only showing 16 people have filed for LIRF, seems like a wider problem. Might want to move this to #support as well! Hope this gets fixed.

Cign :)

Has this been made aware of already on another thread? Since you’re a regular. (I don’t want to duplicate them)

I don’t believe so this looks like the first… Might be something to do with when the server was updated this morning… Move this to #support so schyllberg can take a look…

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Hi! There was recently a server update. Usually these sorts of things happen after the server has been updated/restarted.

This is nothing to be alarmed about, and is totally normal. (I think)

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This should be restored during the day.
We’ve done some changes in a database that probably caused this. It was somewhat expected :)