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Any issues that anyone has creating flight plans

No issues at all. What’s your question?

I just starter with if. When I create my flight plan as per many videos it is still not right. The plan looks OK but when I takeoff and set the auto pilot the plane just keeps flying straight out until it runs out of bounds and crashes.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

As far as I know the Flight Plan and autopilot are not coupled. therefore you have to watch your progress and change you headings, altitude, speeds etc manually to stay on track.

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As @bugdriver said you manually have to input headings etc. If you want an auto nav type of thing I suggest you check this post out :) LiveFlight Connect for Windows - now available!


What is the purpose of autopilot then? I thought you manully insert your heading. Is waypoints and destination airport,runway,altitude etc take off and set autopilot and the aircraft automatically takes control.

Oli H - The autopilot system that is embedded into Infinite Flight, does not offer an auto nav system/feature. Currently a pilot must manually change his headings, by holding down the HDG box and selecting a new heading. :)

Luckily, thanks to another company known as Live Flight. We have a system in which does the auto nav feature for us! Sadly this add on feature to live flight is only available for Windows users:

To answer your other question: What is the point.

It’s point is to allow pilots to take there hands off the wheel and relax. For a flight to maintain an altitude, heading, speed and safe descent/ascent rate. This system is used in real world aviation. Sadly the simulator version does not include every single auto pilot feature as of yet.

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Autonav and autopilot are 2 different things. Don’t be confused. We have autopilot in IF, not autonv as yet.

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