Flight Plan and Help With A Flight Plan

Hi, I’m a newish pilot (I know how to fly and stuff duh…) but I’m having trouble with flight plans. I can never find a good website for IF flight plans which doesn’t include waypoints which aren’t even in IF. Also if anyone has any cool short hops (preferably around Europe) that I can do to higher my landings grade as that’s the only thing keeping me 2 grades below where all my other stats are.

Cheers in advance

Use Simbreif.com to make your flight plan Then copy the file and paste it here Infinite Flight FPL Converter to make if IF compatible

You’re going to want to copt the XML Dataset file for the conversion


Simbrief is a good website for flight planning (look above) as for landings if you wanted you could just do patterns at one airport. E.g. take off and land at the same airport over and over.

Need route ideas?

There should be some Europe hops in here. Not sure since I haven’t checked it in a while

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I’m using this http://onlineflightplanner.org/


Welcome to the world of Infinite Flight! I have used both Simbrief.com as well as onlineflightplanner.org for flight planning. There is a tool that can convert waypoints from those on those two websites into Infinite Flight suitable waypoints. You can use the search function to find it.

To get those landings up? Jump in a GA and practice those landings! Not only do you got those landings up as well as the XP but it will help hone your hand flying skills!

SkyVector is a great planner for realistic flights, but if you’re gonna get accurate fuel calculations along with it, Have SimBrief on another tab.

High quality recommendations above,
And for your landing number I suggest you pattern work (preferably in a Cessna or cirrus), which increases also your xp

Here is the link to the IF tutorial concerning pattern work ;-)

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