Flight Physics

Hey guys,

I´m just a flightsim rookie and wanted to know, if the flight physics of IF are (compared to all other mobile FlightSim) the best (most realistic), cause it seems pretty “easy” to handle the aircrafts.

Thx in advance and many happy landings :)

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Infinite Flight is the best mobile sim out there. Physics are as close as possible.

Thx for this quick answer!
My fav sim is IF, but a lot of friends of mine kept telling me that from the physical standpoint IF would even get close to other sims (aerofly 2 and XPlane 10 were more realistic).
As I am an adnroid user , I just have IF and therefore no chance to compare nor judging (like I said… I am not a pilot)

Infinite Flight also has awesome advanced atc! ;)

Yes indeed and awesome graphics
I just wanted to know the answer from the physical point of view :)

Hi john,

Physics are certainly one of the soul structures of a good sim, realistic physics make the game feel realistic. IF certainly accomplishes this, though there is room for improvement, you have to remember it’s a mobile platform game.

What are physics?

I think the best person to ask DS would be a developer, someone whom implements physics into the simulator.

Oke I think it is to difficult to understand for me

Would I be right in thinking Sir.Matthieu Laban deals with Flight Models?

@BBJMAX I sent him some msgs via Twitter, but there was no answer, therefore I am trying to get closer to a final answer in this group

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I guess he is a busy guy. If you need support you could always ask @DIsraelFDS

@Jonathan_Christopher Aerofly 2 is available on Android

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