Flight physics

Is it true that the planes with wing flex fly a heck of a lot more smoothly than the ones that don’t? Just now wondering. Flying the never truly updated 175 currently, and it’s bouncing around like crazy. The CRJ and A320/321 seem MUCH more smooth of a ride in terms of cruising flight.


I honestly don’t think there’s a difference at all. I’d expect the physics to be maybe a little better on newer models but I don’t think its much of a visible difference. Probably a case of different conditions.

I get aircraft shake and bounce also. I don’t know if that’s real flight dynamic or a glitch.

I think it’s just for looks.

Not everybody experiences the glitch of bobbling up and down in the aircraft like A320 or CRJ.

Do you mean the E-175? The older models have less accurate physics which make it harder to fly. (Look at the A330 and how hard it is to land. “For example of course.”) (:

Don’t forget the 757, the 757 is truly an amazing plane, yet difficult to fly in IF because of its bad physics

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Yep! Just an example though. ;)
And as most, I hope they get reworked soon!


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