Flight Photos Pt.1

Hey IFC! Since I lost the screenshot competition, I thought it would be nice to share some photos from recent flights. I will have a series running through and create a topic about once per few days. Enjoy!

EHAM-VHHH | Cathay Pacific B77W | M0.85 |

KMIA-SKBO | Avianca A320 | M0.79 |

NZAA-WSSS | Singapore B77W | M0.84

KMIA-MKJP | FedEx MD11F | M0.78

EDDM-WSSS | Lufthansa A359 | M0.84

KMIA-MPTO | Copa Air B738 | M0.78

KMIA-LTFM | Turkish Air B77W | M0.86

LEMD-SPJC | Iberia A333 | M0.80


that sixth one is fire

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Thanks Hayden!

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nice photos

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Breh who decided these photos aren’t better? #rigged!! (This is a joke)

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