Flight Photos - Part 6

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I posted a topic in this category, as well as posting part 6 of Flight Photos, which was way back in 2022. After a long long hiatus, I will return to posting this photo series once per week or fortnight, depending on my school schedule. I will also include a fun fact at the end of each of these in random topics. Enjoy!

Tail view of an Asiana A380 en route to Seoul from Sydney! This was my first flight back to IF and on the new A380!

Small Flight Info
Asiana A380-800
Cruising Altitude: FL380
Server: Expert

A plane spotter catching my flight on final at Haneda Airport!

Small Flight Info
JAL 777-300ER
Cruising Altitude: FL320 - FL360
Server: Expert

Buttering the bread whilst landing in Brazil 🧈

Small Flight Info
IBE A330-300
Cruising Altitude: FL330 - FL370
Server: Expert

A ground worker at Changi takes a photo of this rare Qantas 737-800 at Singapore unloading. (Qantas sends A330s to Singapore usually)

Small Flight Info
QFA 737-800
Cruising Altitude: FL320 - FL340 - FL360
Server: Expert

Birds Eye-view of an AirBaltic A220 as it leaves the Latvian city of Liepāja.

Small Flight Info
BTI A220-200
Cruising Altitude: FL340
Server: Expert

An A380 blasting out of Singapore with the tower and Changi Jewel in the background.

Small Flight Info
SIA A380-800
Cruising Altitude FL360-FL420
Server: Expert

That’s all for now guys, expect a Part 7 next week or the week after. I hope you enjoyed the photos! Let me know any photo techniques that I could try to make my photos better in IF. Signing off,