Flight Path Vector pointing toward rear of aircraft

Hey lads!

I was in Captain view on an E190 the other day and realised there’s a Flight Path Vector pointing toward both the front AND the back of the aircraft (which I think wouldn’t make sense?) Is this for any kind of reason or just a glitch?


That normally doesn’t happen when you pan around in the cockpit. Usually everything but that moves. Now as to fix that issue I wouldn’t have a clue but as it is possibly a bug the devs would want to fix it. Can you share how you did this?


No no, that’s the thing. It didn’t move. It’s just that there was one FPV at the front of the aircraft (where it’s supposed to be) and after panning around there was one fixed on the head rest. I could move the HUD around it just like with the front one.

So you had 2 FPVs?

Yes exactly

That’s even more weird

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I’m in flight, and checked to see if I could replicate this, and I can. Is pretty cool, actually.

Hey if this helps you should use this 🙂

Double tap your device to reset also recalibrate the controls

I hope my suggestion has worked

Just tried it. The FPV on the headrest is still there.

It says you need pushback xd.

It is very simple, in the cabin, when you see the front you see the HUD and the normal FPV, if you move the camera the FPV stays in the same position, but if you turn to the back of the plane, in the cabin, Another FPV is shown to the seat, of course this only happens in the aircraft that allows us to turn the 360 ° cabin camera.
I do not know if it’s a mistake in the game, but if it is, which is the most probable, surely they are about to fix it.
Greetings and happy flights

I just tried with VC-25 in flight and I just laughing alone.

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