Flight path isn't shown in liveflight

Why isn’t flight path shown in liveflight? I have tracked other aircrafts as well and same goes with them. Is it a problem occuring with me only?

Please set the category to 3rd Party

It can take some time for the Flight plans to propagate, if you have recently started your flight, or are the first to click on it, it may take some time. If it is occurring with other aircraft as well, it might be an issue with your browser. What browser are you using?

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i can’t set it to third party, but i have set it to third party and with developer on it, is that about right?

anyway, i’ve been in the air for 30 minutes now and im already at my cruising altitude. again, the same goes to every other aircraft that are cruising too

Click on this


If you can send the OS and browser that be appreciated. If you click a flight, does it show the waypoints in the information panel for that flight, or not at all?

that’s to show the flight plan, right? unfortunately, i only want to see the flight path

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it shows waypoints and all, yes

Oh you mean in the past. Well that changes things. I’m not sure why that is happening, I’d wait for @Cameron to come online since he makes it.

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Mine is doing the same!

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What server is this happening on?


Expert server for me. Mine doesn’t show but it shows for some aircraft (not all)

This should start coming back now, sorry about that


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