Flight Path at Final Waypoint


I was wondering,many people can do pattern like that. I want to do that too but i dont know how. So can u tell me how to do that?


Make 3 waypoints really close to each other in different directions. it’s a lot of “skill” 😉


There’s an easy way to do it.

Step 1: Sleep over your destination airport

…That’s it.


Apperently using a route like that will cause the NAV to get confused. But if you still want to do that, you will need an airport e.g. WIII which has a triangle or a square formation. You will need to continuously repeat the formation several times and land.

The real question is how on earth is this person at -14,900ft?

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See the above mate that’s probably what happened

Pretty sure ur gonna need a GA to do this

He cRAsShD

Okay thx for the info ☺️

Well i already try it. But i dont make the pattern,i just flew away from the destination

Wow. You’re actually trying it. Well, the thing is, it all starts with a turn. So, when you reach the airport, put another waypoint 90° adjacent to it, but within your airliner’s turn circle. That will force a plane with NAV on into an endless turn.

Ok, i’ll try, thanks for the info

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