Flight Over the Rockies @KCOS 291500ZJAN20

Colorado is known for its beautiful mountains and white snow and wacky weather (it’s 50* F outside my house at the time of posting). Colorado also has very cool animals along with lots of deer.

  • Aircraft and Livery: TBM-930 (Any Livery)

  • Route: KCOS - KTEX

  • Time of Departure: 1500Z

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information: We will take off from 17L/35R and 17R/35L depending on traffic and weather. We will also be cruising at 16,000 ft at 270 knots. You will see the beauty of the Rockies as we fly high in the sky. We will start our descent at 50NM to the airport (yes Telluride is at 9,500 ft). Telluride has mountains surrounding the area at about 11,000 ft. Spawn in 10 minutes before departure. Flight time should be around 45 minutes. Copy my flight plan as I spawn in.

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