Flight over the most countries?

Does anyone know what scheduled airline route (single leg) flies over the most countries (crosses the most borders)? I once checked for a flight I took from Bangkok to Helsinki and was surprised, though something like Bangkok to Paris looks like more. I searched but couldn’t see an answer.

Of course, it varies based on route the flight follows. It can avoid one country and pass over several more or it can do many other things. There is never a proper answer, but I would say Sydney to Madrid.

(note: I put this in General as I was thinking of IF planning)

irl I was actually starting in Sydney to get to Helsinki but had to change in Bangkok.

I believe Madrid is too far from Sydney for any direct flight currently. Qantas is only now talking about how and if to do Sydney to London. If they could do Madrid it appears it might pass over too much ocean and larger countries like Indonesia, India, Iran and Turkey (I mean, to pack in the most possible country borders under the flight path).

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