Flight over the Antarctic

Hey all,
I’m interested in doing a flight over Antarctica in whole. Here is what I mean:

I essentially wanna fly from South America to Australia. I need to know though, is this possible? How long would it take? I’m also trying to make a flight plan but it’s insanely difficult because the map is flat and I can’t go down after a point.

It’s possible, i’d say roughly 15-17 hours though. The flight time for the south pacific route from New Zealand to Santiago in about 12 hours.


The problem is that that route goes over the pacific and not over Antarctica.

Yea, thats why I said 15-17 hours since it’d be longer. This is assuming your departing from Sydney or Melbourne.

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Do you know how I could make an FPL though? I’ve tried everything and it goes over the Pacific.

Not sure, you most likely need to create it yourself if you are going to

You could do this!

If I remember correctly, Aerolíneas Argentinas used to make a transantarctic flight from Buenos Aires to Auckland with the B747-200, and later with the A340-300.


I’d suggest you trying SAWH-YPPH using the following FPL (done by hand)

SAWH D173E 6359S/6620W 8951S/5829E 6640S/11132E SOLU2A I03-Z (or I21-Z)

(SOLU2A is the STAR at YPPH and I03-Z/I21-Z are the IAPs)

It should look like this

Considering it is 5600NM long, I think it will take 12 to 13 hours (maybe longer due to expected headwinds)

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How did you get the GPS coordinates? Tbh I would prefer to land in Melbourne from Buenos Aérés.

watch out for the ice

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I looked for the Antarctic airports in google earth and inserted a pin in them. It gives you the coordinates

Just made a SAEZ-YMML:

SAEZ GBE6 SIRAN D203J 7121S/6829W 7754S/16642E 6821S/14943E WYYWC WARE7A I-16Z

(GBE6 is the SAEZ SID; WARE7A is the YMML STAR; I-16Z is the YMML IAP)

Looks like this:

It doesn’t go as close to the South Pole as SAWH-YPPH does

This one is 6400NM long, so I would expect about 14 hours of flight (maybe more because headwinds will be present)

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Can you make me SAEZ - YPPH and tell me how long that is?

Alright (10 characters)

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SAEZ GBE6 SIRAN D138O 6617S/5857W 8811S/6304E 6636S/11131E SOLU2A I21-Z (or I03-Z)


Should be between 14-15 hours long

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