Flight or ATC?

Do you personally like to fly or control in Infinite Flight? Vote below.

  • I enjoy flying over controlling.
  • I enjoy controlling over flying.

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What if you enjoy both? I’m somewhere in between


Everyone is going to pick both if I put that option there. I want to find out which one people prefer. :)

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I pick both.

I pick controlling, Henrik. SHHHHHHH

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Never tried or thought about doing the ATC part! An interesting question!!

If there’s be an option named “Bug Reporting” Henrik would be the only voter. (No offense)


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Prefer flying, however to ATC from time to time, which I also enjoy!

Think that a Good ATC is also a pilot, likewise a good pilot also knows the ATC job too!


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Flying around with @divebuddha for me.

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I love controlling since I became ATC advance ((: but flying I love the same as ATC

Eu gosto de controle sobre o voo

English only please!

¡Ingles por favor!

I pick controlling:)