Flight on the wrong date (Serious)?

Okay. I’m curious about this. Today is June 21, 2018 11:18pm EDT. I did a quick flight today from MHT-CHS (Manchester, NH-Charleston, SC).
I finished the flight and looked on the logbook, and noticed it said “June 22, 2018”.

Now I am not a time traveler, but this is odd.
All my devices say June 21, 2018, but Infinite Flight’s Real Time for me shows June 22, 2018.

I have restarted the app, but it still shows the same thing. I’ve even put the time to today, but when I press current time, it puts it back to June 22, 2018.

Infinite Flight Shows June 22, 2018

Todays Flight shows as Tomorrow’s flight

iPhone 6S
iOS 11.3

Just to show my phone says June 21, 2018

I am being serious about this. Is this a bug? Or is this something else?


I’m more into the theory of you being a time traveler tbh. Much more fun.

Seriously though, this is most likely due to the fact that our systems that stores all your live flights and other data is set to GMT.


All my previous flights were done on the exact day though. If I did a flight let’s say May 5, it would say May 5th.

But why did it change to tomorrow?

Because it’s June 22nd in GMT. 03:25 to be exact.

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I’m not sure where you are located, so this is a possibility. It is possible that for you it is the 21st but where you were, it was the 22nd. Just a thought.

But I’m with @schyllberg, the time travelling story way cooler.

So basically all flights done on Live are done a day ahead? That’s wired and confusing to me

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I’m located in the Eastern United States, New Hampshire to be exact.
It’s almost 11:30pm EDT here

No they’re not.

But the dates are based on what date it is in the GMT time zone.


That’s interesting. I’ll have to research more about GMT to get a better understanding.

Thanks Schyllberg for your answer :)

Then it is most likely what Sebastian said as you’re in the same time zone (I think).


This is how timezones are split up essentially. From GMT +/- a certain number of hours based on your location along a longitude.

EDT is GMT -4 or 4 hours behind GMT.


For example;

As you’re based on the east coast, it will be June 22nd for you in 30 minutes. Right?
But it will still June 21nd on the west coast.

So if we configured our servers to store the date based on EDT time, it would show “wrong” date for those on the west coast but the correct date for you assuming they are still in June 21nd and you’re June 22nd…

If that makes any sense.


Right, but those on the west coast live 3 hours behind.
So in under 25 minutes, it’ll be Midnight, while it would be 9:00pm in Los Angeles. So you are right, it would show us three hours ahead, while those in California would show the “wrong date” for only three hours until they hit midnight.

I’ll research more into Time Zones and learn more about it :)

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From a GMT perspective, you live 4 hours behind :)

I think you get the basics of it now, but i can see how it can be confusing.


Yeah, Time Zones get confusing for me sometimes.

Thanks so much for your help, along with the others that also helped me as well :)

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