Flight of XX help

Please can someone help me with ATC rules regarding formation flying/ flight of XX.

I have just completed a lovely 2 aircraft flight as G-WOLF Flight of 2 from EHAM → EBBR with a friend. We complied with ATC throughout and shortly after landing the pilot of the second aircraft was given a level 3 violation for entering a runway without permission.

As per the ATC guide, as lead pilot, I was communicating with ATC throughout and obtained permission to land after switching from approach. Please can someone highlight if we have misunderstood the ATC guide and if the violation should be challenged. The controller was Syed_Hashim_Raza .

Many thanks

Ho 😢 …

Well maybe you can try to DM your controller ( @Syed_Hashim_Raza )

I had you earlier at EGLL and you did everything right.

Maybe an error, misclick or something happened…

You can also add @ appeals to your DM if you want it to be reversed after you talked to the controller…

Hope the best


As said above by @J-F_V I think you did everything well and it’s your controller mistake have a good day @Jack_Bennett1 (do what J_F-V said 👆)

Both aircraft are required to have Flight of 2 in their callsign, maybe that was the reason? Im not sure but I definitely recommend contacting the controller. Everything else seems right to me aswell, Im not sure what happened there.

Also reminding you that everyone has the right to appeal a report. You can do that by making a message with the @appeals team. They can also reverse the report, if justified. I recommend doing both.

Thank you all for your help. We are both relatively new so wanted to check. The controller has since messaged to remove the violation.

Thanks again!

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