Flight of three KCLE to KAZO micro-clip

I did a very nice formation flight from KCLE to KAZO. Here’s a micro clip with an impression. Thanks to @Jersey_Paul and @mac104 for your great company, and for @Boodz_G and @Plane-Train-TV for the ATC services.

Great fun!

A few tips for those wanting to do a flight of x

  • find a way to communicate on a separate device. Monitor this communication constantly
  • change your callsign in IF to ‘flight of 2’ (or 3 whatever the size of your group is)
  • I recommend you avoid busy airports and stay away from event hubs.
  • if possible, inform the ATC
  • agree on the leader and make sure you copy the flight plan from the leader
  • agree on takeoff climb rate, cruise altitude, climb rate to cruise, airspeed
  • agree on when to all switch to Ground, Tower ATC etc
  • only the leader communicates with the ATC. The rest follows the leader.
  • instructions from the ATC to the leader, are for all of you. This includes taxi, takeoff, landing, etc
  • leader to maintain constant communication with the other(s) about speed, descent rate, heading, everything
  • have some fun at cruise and make screenshots
  • when on base and final try and land as closely together as possible (1 NM seperation).
  • wait for eachother after landing, on the taxi way. Be quick- you don’t want to hold up others.
  • when all on Ground, leader requests taxi to parking

For more, watch this great tutorial.


Nice video! I hope you enjoyed your flight!

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Best. Background. Music. Ever.

Video was very nice overall!

Great job flying lead @azeeuwnl. It was a blast flying with you and @Jersey_Paul. Thanks for all the planning and coordination… just like what you posted. Thanks @Boodz_G and @Plane-Train-TV for the great ATC.