Flight of 6 over San Francisco@ KSFO-050015ZSEP19

Hello everyone,
On 2019-09-05T01:15:00Z I will be hosting an event at KSFO on training server. Please spawn in 10 minutes before the event. I am looking for 5 additional people for a formation flight. We will be flying VFR, so if there is a particular part of the Bay Area you want to see, take the lead and we will follow! The aircraft will be an F/A-18. Departing runway will be 1L.
1st: @lil_qaz
2nd: @JackAviation
This is my first event so feedback is appreciated!


Hey, please follow the title required for the #live:groupflights category

How do I put down the time? I don’t really understand Zulu

You can use this converter:


The date and time would be 050115ZSEP19

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Shouldn’t it be 050115ZSEP19?

I think I got it

Yes, sorry, forgot to put the zero

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No problem :)

@Lil_Qaz title looks good!

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Thank you guys for the help!

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Anytime, Glad I could help :)

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Hopefully some of you want to explore the Bay Area ; )

Wish I could, but that would be 3:15 am for me 😂


Ill take a spot!

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You’re in thanks for joining!

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Do you need ATC?

Considering how there will usually be atc at KSFO, I don’t think so.

We will be starting soon!

Event starts in less than one hour