Flight of 1-10

So I was curious on what flight of 1 to 10 mean? And thank you for the help! Much appreciated!

Happy Landings!
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It’s a group of 10 planes and the leader will add that to his/her callsign

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Oh ok that clears things up so much! Thanks for the help guys! Much appreciated

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bravo, bravo!!! lol

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Building off of the responses anove, it also means don’t just use it because you feel like it, use it inly when needed

I think there should be a message you could send as ATC saying some thing like “Please reserve Flight of X callsign for when you are flying in a group” or something like that.

Is the lead aircraft the only one that talks to the ATC’s?

Yes. (Filler)

So apparently I’m not allowed to have “filler” but I’m keeping it…I will also write the correct response,

The lead aircraft does in fact contact ATC…specifically the aircraft which has the (flight of 1-10). So to answer your question, yes.

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How does the ATC know who’s in the flight? While in a flight I got the you’re in an active airspace message

So from takeoff to landing, the lead is the only one talking?

You all need to have that callsign