Flight Number

What is the Flight Number?

A Flight Number, when combined with the name of the airline and the date, identifies a particular flight. This callsign should not be confused with the tail number of the aircraft, although both can be used as a call-sign as used in general aviation. A particular aircraft may fly several different flights in one day, and different aircraft may be used for the same flight number on successive days…

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Examples of Flight Numbers

Why should we have it in the game?

The answer is not so hard to understand, the Flight Number would add more realism and professionalism to the game.

How would it affect the game?

Simple, it would add another information to your flight, you could choose if keep it or not.

Example: Callsign: Easy 2790 - Flight Number: U2 2790

I’m having a hard time making sense of this.
In what way, and where should this be added in IF? What’s different from just changing callsign?


Mabye longer callsigns would solve that?

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Most of the times the Callsign and the Flight Number aren’t the same.

Maybe here.


@Ironman_Ballets Yes… that’s fine, but why not have another area dedicated to the Flight Number? It’s not so hard to add, in my opinion.

Can you code? Unless you can, you don’t know how hard it is to add.

I kind of see what the feature request is, maybe the title should be a bit more clear about what you are requesting.

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You can already accomplish this with your callsign. “Shamrock 932” etc.

What are you asking? That the ATC callouts include both the callsign and the flight number? How, exactly, does that add realism? After all, ATC hardly hails a flight by both its flight number and it’s registration.

You can already do both with the available tools. Just pick one.

This is one of those “realism” topics that focus on the tiniest of minutae while ignoring the arena where actual realistic fight practices matter.

ATC only calls out one or the other in real life. Just pick one. And try and make it through okay with the devastating reality that the settings page says callsign instead of flight number, even though you can still choose a flight number as your callsign.


I can do something and I’m learning, I think it isn’t hard to add.

Airlines use their callsign, not the identification code. For example, when I was testing a Frontier NEO recently, in our system we see F9 9202 for our flight, however, air traffic control will refer to us as “Frontier Flight” as that’s the callsign we have assigned to Frontier. This can already be done in IF, so I’m not sure what you want added.


I kinda like making my own callsingh it gives more freedom

@Tim_B Now I explain you better.

This is not a Flight Number, this is the Callsign, in this case the Flight Number should be EI932.

Never said.

How, exactly, doesn’t that add realism?

Again, why shouldn’t it add realism? It is still something that has its work in real life.

But, if I do not want it and I want it as a separate thing?

Nice, enthusiastic idea.
Also remember the same IATA code can be used with dulifferent callsign a e.g SWISS flight 40 can be EUROSWISS 40 HEAVY of operated by a 777 and SWISS 40 HEAVY when operated by an a340.
Also, some letter callsign are different eg EMIRATES 79Y SUPER is marketed as EK30.

Needless to say but I still support this idea😁


@Ryan_Vince Indeed, the Flight Number would be another thing, a more information, I never said we should use the Flight Number as Callsign.

I can’t really understand what you wrote, but I never talked about IATA Codes.

Try to read more carefully the topic.

Well, if you join a VA, the administrator of the VA will assign you a call sign that you will go by. I think @schyllberg is just thinking about how we can incorporate it. If you would like your personal callsign assigned by a specific airline, I recommend join that specific VA and if you are accepted, ask for a badge. Thats the best way you can get a professional flight number, callsign, and VA.

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I was trying to say that the callsign and flight numbers can not always correlate and some flight numbers may have 2 callsigns.

What I’m not getting is why you need the flight number when you already have the Airline. It’s not like some days Frontier uses F9 and other F28, it’s a set code so you’re really displaying the same info twice.

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I’m not really sure about that but okay.

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I’m not talking about VAs, in real life, for example a flight I took last summer, had the Callsign as Easy 2809 and the Flight Number as U2 2809.