Flight not loading

I got a new Samsung Galaxy A 50 today and now loading of a flight takes more than 5 minutes! My WIFI is good and i already uninstalled IF and cleared the scenery cache. Can you help me?

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Did you have any other apps running in the background whilst loading your flight? If so, I recommend closing all apps running in the background.

I know your phone is brand new, but how much space is on your phone?

I have 128GB.That should be enough.

That’s definitely enough space.
I looked up the specifications of your phone and it comes in a 4GB Ram and 6GB Ram version, so no problem there.

All I can suggest is to restart your router and be closer to it when flying.

OK. I will try it.

Check out speedtest.net and see what your network speed is.

Are you running it through any game optimizer? I know Samsung has some that have mixed results.

I have 30MBPS. Is that enough?

IT Support 101, but have you tried restarting your device?

And yes, 30MB/s should be sufficient to run Infinite Flight.

I was now trying to load a flight in the school WIFI where 300 pepole are playing Fortnite and it worked perfectly. I also tried to load a flight at home again, and it started instantly. But i had to restart and then i had to wait about 5 minutes to finally see the ‘tap screen to calibrate’ screen. That is very strange, and i hope anyone can help me!

Turn your settings down before you load your flight.
Got to Settings<Graphics<Rendering Quality.

I suggest putting it on Fast, that way it doesn’t have to render the textures in high quality. You can turn it back to the settings you had before once it has loaded.

I have tried it with everything low and it took 5 minutes. I tried it with all max settings and it took 3 seconds!

Well, if it takes less time with your settings put to maximum then you might want to stick to that option.

Yes. My phone is really good and when it loadet i can fly without any lag.

Only the loading is the problem

Maybe there’ll be a fix for this in the future but for now, I’d keep your settings set to the max because that is the quickest option. But for now, this is what you’re going to have to deal with, unfortunately.

Ok. But the loading time is completely random.

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