Flight not always start at last landed airport

Dear Support team,

Recently it has happened that when starting a new flight, the latest landed one is displayed in the initial screen as the default airport/gate, but when clicking on the [Fly ->] button, the selected airport is the one previous to the latest. A small detail, yet a bit annoying realism wise.

This seems to be a new bug, I always expect to to fly from where I last landed & parked, so I’ve been using this default really often.

Thank you.


I am not sure what you mean. Do you mean that it is not spawning you at your selected airport but instead the previous?

@Gabriel_Hernandez maybe in settings > general of infinite flight there’s a option that says “automatically set start airport” And if you have it on then it will save your parking and your airport from your last flight

Maybe if I go step by step:
Let’s say I fly from SKCL to SKBO, park at gate 22 and end my flight.
Next time, when I choose [Fly online], the airport / gate displayed on the screen is SKBO, Gate 22.
What should happen when clicking [Fly —>] is to be at SKBO / gate 22.
Lately, this does not happen always: sometimes after clicking [Fly —>] my plane will be at, in example, SKCL / gate 2, which was the PREVIOUS gate where I parked before my last flight, instead of SKBO / gate 22 where I parked in my last flight.

Yes, of course this is my standard setup.

I see, will try that later

This is a known issue. Also if you end the flight early or watch a replay it may change the spawn spot.

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