Flight Next Week to SFO

Booked a flight with United today for next week to SFO.
Edit: Returned from trip 3/25. See pics below!

On the way: ERJ-145 & 757-300
Return: 737-900 & ERJ-145

Got a window seat on both of the RJs (one just behind wing and one all the way in back) and the 739 (further back). Stuck in a middle seat of the 753… Ugh.

Will try to get some pics. :)

And the offer is still open for someone to buy me dinner in exchange for permission to take my pic and post it here.


Try finding Matt for a selfie while you’re there :D


What are you going to be doing at SF?

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I work for a company based in the bay area (down by Mountain View – it’s not google). Need to swing by for some work.

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That sounds cool! I never get tired of living here! If you’ve never been to SF, make sure to visit all the awesome places, and the plane-spotting places at SFO aren’t very good, but you’d probably find some awesome shots around there!

I have a hotel one night near the end of the 28s. Maybe will get some good pics.

I was to SF a while back and did the standard things like pier 39, golden gate, etc. Still a lot I didn’t see, but don;t think I’ll have much free time this time unfortunately.

What city are you starting from

An undisclosed location on the east coast. :)


E145 descending over the lake into kord.

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ORD to SFO kindof sucked. Turd in the punch bowl with the window seat closed the window before pushback and didn’t open it until we hit turbulence on final into 19L. Some really good turbulence though over the bay again with apparently some strong winds. Delayed and held for a while until running low on fuel.

Into SFO being vectored around a bit:

Did you land yet?

Yes landed about an hour late.

Really? That sucks.

Return flight completed. Not many good views due to the route we took and taking off SFO this morning in the dark.

Just through the clouds after SFO climb out in a b739:

Dirtied up on final into KORD:

Climb out from O’Hare over Lake Michigan in E145:

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