Flight logging issue

I’m not sure if this happened to anyone else, but my flight yesterday from KDFW to KMIA did not log.
Had a smooth flight on the CRJ900. Landed on rwy08R.
When I logged in this morning it’s still showing me in Dallas and my flight did not record at all.
Can this please be fixed???
My landings need to be update, and also my points.
Any help would be great.
Thank you.

Did you check your flight plan if it was on the final leg of the flight? If it wasn’t it won’t show as the plane landed

Known issue according to Seb.
Dev team working on fix for this random occurrence.

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Yes sir.
I always check my flight plans before I even takeoff.
And I always ensure a start and an end point so the destination shows up.
Everything’s was set.

What I meant is that before you land did you check that the leg which you are on is the destination and not the waypoint?

You received XP for the flight, but none for the landing, so it’s not a total loss.

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