Flight logging in solo mode

Will this ever be made available? Sort of like the live feature where you can see how long you flew for, but in solo mode.

I’m pretty sure there is a log for Solo.

There Is a log for solo.

But I think it is also mixed with live flights.


Could someone give a screenshot for help? I pretty sure you see it when you press ‘log’.

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That’s what it is. Its mixed with solo and live.

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There is a log for solo, but it is mixed with live flights as @Potato_pilot said.

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You can see your log no live.

I have not got live, does that mean I cannot see it?


Also, if I. Uy live, can I see all e landings I did in solo before I got live?


This is a log for solo mode

To find it go into ATC, then click in the right hand upper corner (I know there’s no button there but it’s invisible), then click on the log book option (second option along left panel) and hey presto! 😄

(I don’t have live so this is just for solo!)

Oh, yeah! Thanks for this!

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