"FLIGHT LOG & Just Sayin"!

Flight Log 2015-06-01 22:59:44: Flew a ERJ-170 for the first time in awhile today. This ship is a sweet little lady which can go low and slow or hit Mach 0.75 at FL100+. A frisky little twin Reginal she was extremely responsive and a pleasure to drive by hand initially. This sortie was planned as a Border Run using an old Custom Service Surveillance Plan filched from a “friend”. Out of Brown Muni (KSDM) down Tijuana way in the forenoon. After launch and a VFR Check in with SoCal Departure I flew low and slow along the border heading for Reiders Ranch. In and out of canyons and skirting the high desert rim rock was pure joy. Did a touch and go at Reiders followed by hit and misses at Jacumba & Ocotillo. The airplane was a stable platform all dirtied up even on a reel slow approach in a strong quartering crosswind at Jacumba. Buster out of the high desert heading NE for Palm Springs VFR. No handoff cause nobody was watching the store in the Region. Getting to FL100+ from the hard deck at this point was an elevator ride. The 170 is a rocket when prompted. Had to do a 360 and spiral down when I was about 30 miles out of the springs as I had underestimated my speed of advance. Knowing there was no ATC Reginal entity up and controlling the flow helped. . Called inbound to the Springs, I checked the plot just prior to the call and noted a high volume of heavies using 31L. I asked for 31R as usual, 31R is the short runway which heavies shy away from for passenger comfort. ( Just sayin; Short runways at Class “B’s” are the best option for 737’s and anything smaller on a bizee day.) I was cleared number one as the heavies lumbered along in trail doing that standard accordion number as the Tower jumped through there nickers trying to maintain safe intervals. Why the Towers don’t stack and call them down lowest first which is by the book escapes me system wide. Palm Spring’s ATC was excellent, 2 calls did it all. Did a hot turn and was out of there for LAX on the Airways at FL125 with Vectors. Into LAX 24R, another short runway, as suggested. LAX was chockablocked but the ATC’s did’nt miss a beat. . The ATC service on this route is always first class. One thing missing today was active ATIS at the two B’s I visited. Sure would be nice to know what runway is the active enroute just by tuning. Checking the terminal METAR as you doze on autopilot and learning there’s been a wind shift and you have to modify your flight plan 20 miles out can ruin a good day. Play it real! Keep the scan going, Fly smart… Max Sends


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