Flight Load Question

I am currently doing a 3:24 flight and my flight load percentage text is in white, does that mean that my plane can go up to final cruise which is 34,000 feet msl because the text is not in yellow or red. Please let me know, thank you!

Yep, you should be fine :)

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Correct all it meant was the airplane was to heavy to land but it is good now

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When I took off it was in white text so that means its safe to fly up to cruise right?

34,000 ft is a normal starting cruising altitude for many aircraft, so as long as you aren’t too heavy, climbing to that altitude should work out just fine.

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The load is white when you are below your maximum landing weight. It is orange when you are over your maximum landing weight, but below your maximum takeoff weight. It is red when you are over your maximum takeoff weight (you never want that). It doesn’t directly have anything to do with your cruise altitude, so we can’t tell you if you’ll be fine solely based on whether you are below MLW. But, FL340 will probably be fine, even if you were really heavy, for most airliners.


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