Flight levels.

I havent find in tutorials anything about the flight levels. I have been fliying for more that 20 days now, but i still dont know them.

Can somebody explain me or leave me the link if a tutorial exist.



What do you need to know exactly?

When the controllers tell me to go Fl180 and the other levels…

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Are you using Live?

Yeah pf course

FL180 = 18,000ft.

Changed it to the Live category :)

And the others are just that?
FL260= 26000 feet?

Thanks man

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Yep. You’re right.
With exception of altitudes below FL100
Example: FL090 = 9,000ft and so on.

Oh ok now i get it. Thanks man

If a controller requests you to fly FL180 then he wants you to go 18,000FT

FL 180= 18,000ft
FL 190= 19,000ft
FL 200= 20,000ft
FL 210= 21,000ft
FL 220= 22,000ft
FL 230= 23,000ft
FL 240= 24,000ft
FL 250= 25,000ft

Hopefully you get the picture

Yeah thanks:)

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